Modest Mags X Modern Steph


Introducing a fashionable lifestyle brand for the modest-meets-modern woman.

One with an eye for stylish simplicity and respect for authentic quality. Each item is contemporary yet culture fluent, time transcendent and luxurious to the touch. The utterly unique designs are the culmination of deep inspiration and meaningful experiences, all manifesting in wear that translates to feminine elegance and unassuming sophistication. MMXMS is alluring, yet undoubtedly modest; chic, yet approachable and accessible.

The MMXMS brand sits within the modest fashion market as it speaks to women who love to be enveloped by quality, stylish and trend-conscious clothing that lends comfort to its wearer.

There are several lovely ‘layers’ and terrific ‘textures’ that weave meaning into this brand. Two of them are the interesting and inspiring founders.

Maghboebah Manuel Khan


Mags received her Fashion Design diploma from Haute Couture School of Fashion (HCS) in Cape Town in 2005. Today her contemporary design style is complemented by an appreciation for couture and fascination with silhouettes. Her strengths lie in the technical sphere which suits her love of pattern making and flair for coming up with new concepts for interesting designs.

While she draws inspiration from the world around her, specifically creative environments, interior spaces and food, she is also tuned into global happenings and how they may shape certain aspects of our lives. Her Cape Malay heritage also adds a sense of depth and warmth to her style; a nuance that enriches her creations.

Stephen Van Eeden


Stephen studied at the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion, graduating at the top of his class. That was only the beginning. After gaining invaluable industry experience, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of establishing and launching his own brand – one that specializes in luxurious resort wear, red carpet glamour and bespoke bridal.

His design aesthetic is described as feminine, modern and glamorous. The launch coincided with his 30th birthday, on 6 July 2016, making it an even more significant milestone. Two years later, in 2018, Stephen proceeded to be one of the 12 finalists of the first season of Project Runway South Africa. While he grew up in a small town in the heart of the Northern Cape, he has matured into a citizen of the world who continues to cherish his African heritage.